Design and horticultural events at Denmans

No design or horticultural events are currently scheduled as the educational and training remit of the John-Brookes Denmans Foundation is being defined.  If your academic or educational institution is interested in partnering with or in being associated with the Foundation, please contact us. 

About John Brookes

John Brookes was described as “the man who invented the modern garden”.  Being committed to teaching and communicating his ideas globally, he was certainly the most influential landscape and garden designer of his generation.  His training and early career encouraged him to apply contemporary art influences and architectural rigour to domestic outdoor spaces.  He applied his approach at the Chelsea Flower Show in the early 1960s, stunning the gardening public and RHS judges with a series of chic, gold-medal winning show gardens. His designs became hugely successful in London and in 1968 the classic Room Outside was published, highlighting the potential and the importance of linking inside with outside. He developed a design course for students that was to transform garden design into a profession. Many of today’s garden design stars are former John Brookes students.

John Brookes’ career flourished internationally and he shaped and planted more than 1,400 gardens all over the world, teaching us to find the spirit of place through materials, building styles and plants.  He would be delighted to know that you have come to discover and love the spirit of Denmans.

A Landscape Legacy

It is no exaggeration to say that John Brookes transformed twentieth-century garden design, not only in his native Britain but throughout the world. He fundamentally changed the way people think about their gardens. In his first book, Room Outside, in 1969, he wrote, "A garden is essentially a place for use by people". Today, nearly fifty years on, he designed gardens - and taught garden design across the world - always consulting "the vernacular of an area, its materials and how they are used, as well as its plants". Now, in A Landscape Legacy John Brookes tells the story of his life and work and reflects on how his thinking about garden design, and design generally, has developed.